• Callum Rowland

The Mysterious Music of Shiloh Dynasty

Who really is Shiloh Dynasty? Does anyone really know the story of the mysteriously beautiful voice that is Shiloh Dynasty? When fans first discovered Shiloh Dynasty they were left with so many unanswered questions such as what is their real name and even what gender this mysterious person was.

When I first heard Shiloh Dynasty’s voice I was amazed, what an incredible voice, and I needed to find out more about this person. I first heard Shiloh Dynasty from XXXTentacions album ‘17’, as the album is plastered with Shiloh features and samples, and I simply had to find more music.

Uploads from 2014 onto the app Vine were what first showcased Shiloh Dynasty’s music to the world, gaining millions of views all across the internet. Real name Ciara Nicole Simms, Shiloh Dynasty hasn’t posted anything since back in 2016, with fans still desperate for her return. In December 2019, a close associate of Shiloh Dynasty had revealed that they had cut ties, and there was no plan for her to return to the public eye.

Countless numbers of producers and musicians have recognized the talent of Shiloh Dynasty, sampling her music throughout the industry such as through the likes of XXX and even Young Thug and his 2018 track ‘Climax’. She also gained fandom from some of the biggest producers in hip hop including Timbaland and Diddy.

It is an incredible story of someone who has managed to stay so very well hidden despite fans calling for a return and more music. I listen to Shiloh when I am chilling out, her music is extremely relaxing and her voice is peaceful, yet haunting.

You can listen to Shiloh Dynasty’s ‘Love Wounds album using the links below or directly from the Full Volume home page – go check out some of the most mysterious music in the industry!



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