• Callum Rowland

Welcome to my new site!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to Full Volume, a site in which I talk about the music I love, from old music to new artists, including features such as album discussions, throwbacks and other bits and bobs that I hope you will love reading!

Some of you may already know Full Volume, but to those who don't, I would like to welcome you to my site and I hope you stick around! Full Volume became fairly low on content because of various reasons and simply being too busy, but the new Full Volume is fresh, brand new and raring to go!

I hope you all enjoy the content I post, and would love to see some interaction with the page, may this be comments or discussions on posts, or even a simple tweet to me -@fullvolumeblogs to share your thoughts on the music!

You can get in touch with Full Volume using the contact forms at the bottom of the site or directly by emailing me at Fullvolumeblogs@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting Full Volume and enjoy the music!

Turn it up.

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